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Praxis 4 Life started because Mukhya and Jeff both wanted to do yoga in the mornings.
We just didn’t have the motivation to do it by ourselves, and with Mukhya in Juneau, and Jeff in Los Angeles, we couldn’t very well do it together. We can’t remember who thought of it, but one day, we got onto video chat and did a set. Four years later, we decided to share our practice with the world.

While most fitness websites feature video sessions, we decided that the thing that kept us really engaged in our daily practice was having each other there in ‘virtual-person.’ That live interchange made all the difference, so we decided to offer live sessions. That way, folks can work together on their practices, and support each other in real-time.

We are excited to offer Kundalini yoga sessions, and we are quickly building a group of leaders in a number of practices from yoga to pilates, and even aerobics.

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